Security of users data is our first priority:

Strong passwords

MediSign does not accept user registrations with weak passwords. For your convenience, it suggests really strong passwords. Consider using them.

Security updates

The servers receive the latest security updates quickly and in an automated way (Ansible) without the need for human intervention.

SSL (secure servers – https)

We use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to transfer information over the Internet, which is the international standard today.

Amazon S3 file storage

We use Amazon S3 to securely store and retrieve your files. This service has the best performance in the world and by far the largest market share.

AES-256 encryption

All files are transferred to the Internet and stored encrypted using the powerful AES-256 encryption protocol.

We do not store credit card numbers

MediSign does not store credit or other card numbers. All related transactions take place in the secure environment of Stripe. All MediSign knows is whether the transaction was successful or not.

Protection from human intervention

The MediSign development team has no access to the actual data that is stored on the production servers. Developers work on stage or test servers with virtual data.

Advanced Backup

Your data is stored in at least 2 computer centers (each one on a different continent).


We take all necessary measures, always using the latest in network security technology to operate safely as much as possible. However, we do not guarantee that the information you submit is 100% protected from loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties.