MediSign EHR for Solo and Small Medical Practices

Software for the modern clinician who practices medicine in the US. Available on any computer and all mobile devices (tablets, smartphones).

Available from July 10, 2021

MediSign USA tablet screenshot
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Why choose MediSign

Low cost and flexible

Low monthly cost. No contracts required. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want, taking all your data.

Safe and reliable

Your data is stored on modern servers and is accessible wherever you are. Backup is always available. Read more ➙

Easy to use

MediSign is a Cloud-based application. You do not need to install any software. No special equipment, no maintenance. An Internet connection is enough.


Get support whenever you need it. Your opinion matters on any application upgrade.

MediSign USA features background

MediSign features at a glance


  • Demographics and patient photo
  • Personal history
  • Hereditary and family history
  • Gynecological history
  • Habits and way of life
  • Detailed information about Current disease is saved in Cases and Visits section


  • Appointments.
    Appointments are displayed in a planner, which may have the form of day, week or month.
  • Task scheduling
  • Contacts
  • Archive

Billing & Stats

  • Easy to use management system for Revenue and Expenses
  • The Statements of Medical Visits are created dynamically.
  • Example statistical reports: Patients per year, Patients per month, Gender distribution etc.

How much does MediSign cost?

The BASIC PLAN offers everything you need and costs


(First Month FREE)

MediSign follows the “Pay as you go” policy. If you need more services along the way, you can get them at a minimal extra cost.