Here are the new features of MediSign that are planned for implementation.

I. Basic features for all users

  1. Two-factor Authentication (2FA): More secure user login by adding Two-factor Authentication.

II. Electronic Health Records

  1. Ability to add Medication (e-prescription) and Surgeries in Patient History
  2. Ability to define and monitor custom parameters in Gynecological History and in Social History
  3. Vaccines: vaccination schedule and management
  4. Ability to define and monitor custom parameters in each Encounter.
  5. Writing and printing documents such as prescriptions, referrals, Opinions, and Surgery Minutes. All are based on templates to save time.
  6. Documents based on templates using established standards (eg HIPAA forms, SOAP notes, etc) for documenting and communicating patient information.
  7. Various checklists for Doctors, for example, “email a patient to fill in details before their appointment”.
  8. Ability to manage the Medical Terminology you use (diseases, allergies, etc.)

III. Scheduling – Appointments

  1. Appointment reminder: MediSign will send emails to patients to remind them of their appointments.
  2. Sync with Google Calendar.

IV. Accounting

  1. Invoice templates: More templates to design your invoice and add graphics (e.g. your logo).

V. Account Management

  1. Free months: recommend MediSign to a friend and earn free months!
  2. Bulk import of patients from Excel file.