Here are the new features of MediSign that are planned for implementation.

I. Basic features for all users

II. Electronic Health Records

  • Ability to add Medication and Surgeries in Patient History
  • Ability to define and monitor custom parameters in the Gynecological History and in Social History
  • Vaccines: vaccination schedule and management
  • Ability to define and monitor custom parameters in each Encounter.
  • Writing and printing documents such as Prescription, Referral, Opinion, Surgery Minutes. All based on templates to save time.
  • Ability to manage the Medical Terminology you use (diseases, allergies, etc.)

III. Scheduling – Appointments

  • Appointment reminder: MediSign will send emails or SMS to patients to remind them of their appointments.

IV. Accounting

  • Invoice templates: More templates to design your invoice and add graphics (e.g. your logo).
  • Ability to delete test invoices
  • Ability to issue invoices in any currency

V. Account Management

  • Free months: recommend MediSign to a friend and earn free months!
  • Bulk import of patients from Excel file.