Following is a log of all the notable changes made to MediSign (Changelog).

Jan 14, 2023v1.2.17Ability to issue Receipts. Read more.
Dec 18, 2022v1.2.13Auto Save Patient History Documents (H&P). Read more.
Oct 2, 2022v1.2.11Offer Discounts to your Customers. Read more.
Jul 30, 2022v1.2.9Patient History Templates. Read more.
Jul 03, 2022v1.2.7Activity Log: when and by whom every action concerning your Practice has been made Read more.
Apr 25, 2022v1.2.6-96Ability to issue invoices in any currency. Read more.
Jan 3, 2022v1.2.6Send Invoice by Email. Details here.
Dec 23, 2021v1.2.5Bulk Download of Invoices per month (zip download). Details here.
Dec 17, 2021v1.2.4Payment method added: pay an Invoice by prepayment by a deposit in a bank account.
Dec 12, 2021v1.2.3Manage Invoice Taxes. More info here.
Sep 05, 2021v1.2.1Appointments per examination room: If there is more than one examination room in your office, you can arrange an appointment for a certain room (in combination with all the other available criteria) More info here.
Aug 15, 2021v1.2.0Start of productive operation:
Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Easy invoicing
Integrated support platform
Upgrade of the online payment platform Stripe in version v3
Upgrade of the online payment platform Paypal in version v2
Full support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D Secure
Constant updating of functionality and security updates