How to use MediSign to Offer Discounts to your Customers

Do you offer discounts to your customers?

MediSign can help you!

Add new Discount

Go to Accounting Management (Discounts) from the main menu:

Menu ⟶ Accounting ⟶ Management

Then press Add new button to add a new Discount. Add new Discount
Add new Discount

Add the Discount, using the following simple form: Add new Discount
Add new Discount form

Enable Discount

Enable the Discount on the Accounting Management page: Enable Discount
Enable Discount

Use Discount in your Invoice

When you issue an Invoice, just click on the [Discounts] switch button to display (or hide) Discounts.

(You may use more than one Discount if needed). Use Discount in Invoice
Discount in Invoice

Sample Invoice with Discount