MediSign EHR: Auto save Important Documents

Medical documents are valuable. You often need a lot of time to compile and record the patient’s History, Physical Exam, and more.

When we work on the Internet there is always the unpleasant possibility that the connection will be interrupted or the browser will “hang”. Little rare accidents, but which will result in you losing your work if you haven’t saved it gradually.

Additionally, MediSign will log you out after inactivity for obvious security reasons. That is if it does not record any activity (even a simple mouse movement for example). This can happen if you step away from your screen to examine your patient or for any related reason.

What is Auto save on MediSign

For all these reasons, we made two key improvements:

  • The MediSign Editor, where you enter your medical texts, automatically “saves” every minute (auto-save).
  • As long as the MediSign Editor is open, MediSign will not log you out, even if it is idle, with a maximum limit of 2 hours.
MediSign EHR Auto save
Auto save

(sample document from History and Physical Examination (H&P) Examples)


From the Menu find the “user icon” (top right) and select “Preferences”

You can set whether you want Auto-save (default is auto-save).

MediSign EHR Auto save - Preferences

In addition to the basic setting, you can activate Auto save on a case-by-case basis in each Editor you use.

Many thanks to our users

Many thanks to our users for pointing out the need for autosave. We listen to the advice and needs of our users! We are in a constant effort to make MediSign better and better!