MediSign: Send Invoice by Email

New functionality in MediSign: you can send the invoice by email.

You can send the invoice that you just issued to your patient – customer (or any other recipient, eg your Accountant). You can also send it later if needed.

How it works

After issuing an invoice, you are automatically redirected to the “Invoice Management” page.

You are also led on this page from the “My Invoices” screen.

So, on the “Invoice Management” page, find the section: Send invoice by email and click on the relevant button:

MediSign: Send Invoice by Email
Send Invoice by Email

You will then be taken to the “Send Invoice by Email” screen. If you have entered your patient’s email address in Demographics, it will appear automatically. Otherwise, you can fill it in (point 1 in the image below).

Just click the “Send” button and the invoice will be sent by email as an attached pdf file.

MediSign: Send by Email
Send by Email

Utilities and Goodies

If you have not filled in your customer’s email address in Demographics, you can save it automatically when you send the email. Just check the option “save as customer’s email” (point 2 in the image above). From now on, MediSign will retrieve it automatically.

You can additionally send some comments to the recipient (point 3 in the picture above).

Before sending the email to the actual recipient, you can send a Test Email to your email address to see exactly what is being sent to the recipient (point 4 in the picture above). You will find it useful at first until you become familiar with the process.

Finally, on the Invoice Management screen, you have available all the emails you have sent (with this invoice).

MediSign: Emails sent
Emails sent

Only the first time

You will be asked to provide a name for your Practice, which will be used as the sender’s name. This can be done very easily by choosing

Menu ⟶ Settings ⟶ My Business

MediSign: My Business
My Business

You will also need to complete your profile (although you have probably already done so). Name and Professional Sector are the required fields.

MediSign: User profile
User profile

Terms of use

It is important to remember that sending an email presupposes respect for the recipient’s privacy. Consequently:

  • You agree that you have the recipient’s approval to send this email.
  • You agree that the information you send is correct and that it concerns and interests the recipient.