New functionality added to MediSign: appointments per Examination room

If there is more than one examination room in your office, you can arrange an appointment for a certain room (in combination with all the other available criteria).

From the menu, select Patients → Practice management → Office departments

You can add, delete or modify a room.

To set the display order

  • click and drag with the mouse on desktop devices
  • do the same, but with your finger on mobile devices

as shown by the following animation:

MediSign - Office departments reorder
Office departments reorder

If you have defined more than one examination room, when you enter an appointment you will be asked to specify the examination room:

MediSign - New appointment in certain examination room
New appointment in certain examination room

This way, you can filter appointments (excluding other criteria) by examination room:

MediSign - Appointments per examination room
Appointments per examination room

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