New functionality: Manage your Invoice Taxes with MediSign

In most cases, sales of medical services are exempt from the Sales tax. However, there are some exceptions to the above general rule.

For this reason you should be able to issue a tax invoice, if needed.

With MediSign, this is very easy!

Add new Tax

Go to Accounting Management (Taxes) from the main menu:

Menu ⟶ Accounting ⟶ Management

Then press Add new button to add new Tax Add new tax
Add new tax

Add the tax, using the following simple form: Add new Tax
Add new Tax

Enable Tax

Enable the Tax in Accounting Management page: Enable Tax
Enable Tax

Add tax to invoice

When you issue a Tax Invoice, just click to [Taxes] switch button to display Taxes.

(You may use more that one Taxes, if needed). Invoice Taxes
Invoice Taxes

Sample Invoice with Tax Sample Invoice with Taxes
Sample Invoice with Taxes

Useful video